Sergio Leonel “Kun” Agüero

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At the age of 33, “Kun” Agüero had to leave in the middle of a match and the doctors discovered he had a heart condition. With that diagnosis, you cannot help but wonder: is Kun Agüero the promise of a hero that will never be fulfilled?

Born in a neighborhood in the south of Buenos Aires, Sergio was the naughty boy of the family. Around the age of 4, he became a fan of the Japanese game “Kum-Kum”, named after a character whose task was to break everything around him. That passion gave Sergio his nickname which would define him through all his football career. His surname, untraditionally, was given by his mother because of legal matters. Nevertheless, his true hero was his father Leonel (who gave him Sergio’s second name), a frustrated soccer player who couldn’t make a career out of sports because of economic issues. But one thing was certain: Leonel became sure that “Kun” had the possibilities that he didn’t. Thanks to the help of their neighbours who lent him a car for him to work as a driver, his son never missed a soccer practice.

Kun’s first team was “Independiente”, where he made his first appearance in the maximum category at the age of 15, due to his excellent conditions. Though he didn’t last long (he signed a contract with “Atlético de Madrid“ when we became 18) and he couldn’t win the national league, he got into every fan’s heart with the promise to come back at the age of 28 (thinking he would be too old by that time…).

In Spain, he made some big steps: after a long time, his team could beat his eternal rival, Real Madrid, and they could also win a couple of championships. During that period, he won the Sub-21 world cup representing Argentina and, after that, the Olympics with his favourite partner: Lionel Messi.

But his real step forward was when he went to England to play with Manchester City: not only did he get in shape, but also found a new position in the field as player number 9. And he delivered a great performance: he beat every scoring record in the history of the club and also broke European records. One couldn’t help but wonder what would have been with his career if he hadn’t been overshadowed by Messi.

Unfortunately, his performance in the National Argentine Team wasn’t the best: he did score many goals, but he missed some shots in important games and he couldn’t make a difference when his team was losing. He didn’t have any luck with his knee either, a condition that became more frequent with time.

But still, his performance in Manchester City was sublime. And after ten years committed to the club, he had the chance to win the Champions League for the first time: the Cup which would give him glory for good. Due to some differences with the trainer, he couldn’t play much but still managed to have some minutes in the final game, occasion on which, despite his efforts, he couldn’t score and the City lost to another English team.

What did work out back in those days was his e-sports company named “Kru Sports”, which took part in big competitions. His other passion, playing electronic games, developed since he was very little, had a good start and became truly profitable due to its sponsors.

Knowing he was getting old and with the hope to win the greatest European tournament, in 2021 he signed a contract with Barcelona to play with his unconditional friend Lionel Messi. But not long after, he became a part of the club but Messi had to resign due to financial issues. Though Barcelona wasn’t in its best financial situation and his best player was sold to Paris Saint Germain, Kun was confident they could move on. But after a few matches, reality struck back: during a game, he started having difficulties breathing and had to be taken to a hospital, where the doctors discovered a heart condition that would take him out of the field for at least three months.

Now, with 33 years, a world cup programmed for December 2022, a delicate health outlook, a bad knee and a team in desperate need of a recovery, his future looks at the very least, problematic. Only time will tell whether he gets back on his feet and accomplishes his last goals or settles down and sticks as CEO of his e-sports team.



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