Young Argentine’s Exodus: a Good Way Out?

Lulo dh
2 min readSep 9, 2022

Over the last few years, the amount of young Argentine residents who decided to go abroad to start a new life increased dramatically. It is estimated that between 1% and 2% of the Argentine population lives outside its native country, and most of them are between the ages of 18 and 30.

One cannot help but wonder about their motives to abandon the country where they were born and raised. The first incentive that comes to mind is purely economic: since the “peso” currency has been strongly devaluated, the monetary situation is, at the very least, delicate. But is that a decisive reason for adolescents to leave? When it comes to young people, maybe that is not too much of a deal since, usually, they don’t have a family to support or big debts to pay. Although, of course, money makes the world go round.

The second incentive that one could think of is related to studies, from internships for students to postgraduate courses. Regarding this topic, Argentina has the largest number of Latin America’s students because of its public education system. Besides, its universities are well recognized all over the world. So, even though studying abroad could be a good way to complement their education, it shouldn’t be the reason behind the exodus.

When it comes to working, the most stunning and revealing aspect is that most of the positions offered abroad to young foreigners, beyond doubt, aren’t the number one choice to work in their native countries. From harvesting corn to washing dishes in a bar, many Argentine people confess that they choose to make a sacrifice in order to live abroad. In their favour, their paycheck for those tasks is higher than the one they would get at home.

In contrast to these incentives, I believe that the main purpose they have is the experience itself. This anti-consuming generation was raised under the presumption that living experiences was the best way to enjoy life. They chose travelling over getting a house and meeting with friends instead of getting fancy clothes. Taking that belief into account, no wonder they want to start travelling around the world when they are young, meeting with other cultures and embracing as much as they can, so they can fulfil their expectations.

Besides, living abroad is a good option to continue travelling and getting to know the world, since tickets are cheaper and many recognized spots are closer to their new homes. So, you could say it is not only an experience but an experience that allows/leads them to new ones.

To sum up, I consider that there is no point in finding the reasons why adolescents move out and go abroad because the motives are related to the experience itself: living, travelling and never stop moving



Lulo dh

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